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Mr. Peter Sever & Ms Thao

Cruise date: Sep 24th, 2009

Ha Long Bay [map link] [more photos link] is another UNESCO World Heritage site, lovely, scenic, a perfect overnight cruise. We weren't the first to discover it evidently: A well organized tourist magnet, even during the low season of September, it was packed with white faces from as far away as Argentina, Spain, some Brits and abundant Aussies (that we met).


It's in the Gulf of Tonkin, the beauty coming from some 1,600 islands that form a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Because they are tall and very steep, some flat-faced cliffs, most of the islands are uninhabited. The scenic beauty is complemented by considerable biological diversity.


Very much enjoyed an overnight cruise on a quasi-junk, fine meals, good rooms, guides in English and Spanish, swimming and kayaking optional.


Highly recommend among the many boat tour choices Huong Hai Junks link with good photos] or phone their 24/7 rep Mr. Dao Tuan Hung who arranged it for us and speaks perfect English [cell (+84) 913 395 342.] They're not the cheapest in town but it's not worth risking an unpleasant experience. This company is well run, has numerous boats with excellent crew – with drinks and tips about $200 for 24 hours and four meals.


Shared the boat with ten other passengers, among them a big coincidence worth telling: Two delightful honeymooning couples from Barcelona were aboard; they'd been married in their home town on the same day; chose the same unlikely honeymoon destination – but get this – they had never met each other until accidentally crossing paths in Vietnam! Cool honeymoon long-shot coincidence. We really meeting enjoyed them and their Spanish-speaking Vietnamese guides.


Digression; never heard of Hitler? One of the engineer-educated, charming, friendly, 45-50 yr old Spanish-English-speaking Vietnamese guides, had never heard of Adolf Hitler. This high-IQ man obtained an advanced degree in Cuba, was otherwise educated in Vietnam, guides several groups of Spanish-speaking whites a week – and he'd never been taught anything about Hitler? It serves to raise questions about what they did/do teach instead, in hard-line censorship states – it's not as if Hitler/Nazis were an insignificant detail in modern history!


The topic only arose in conversation with Thao about the 4 million SE Asian war dead versus 60 million whites in WWII. He did not know much about our big war, which was not willful ignorance, just propaganda-based education that sends chills ...


Nice group of passengers, a good boat, fine scenery – altogether a very civilized couple days. It's a must-do as part of any Vietnam tour.


There's more to do nearby; rugged jungle Cat Ba Island with diverse ecosystem and several endangered primates, hidden beaches, islands, undeveloped bays ... but we had a business meeting in Bangkok in a few days, so had to move on.


Mr. Malcolm Froneman

Cruise date: Oct 9th, 2009

Hello Mr Dao
Great to meet you when in Hanoi, and thank you for also upgrading us to your larger boat -
We had a fantastic time aboard - just wished it was longer :)  The crew were lovely and the food delicious!
Hope all is well!

Mrs. Georgina Nelson & family

Cruise date: 19 Sep, 2009

Hi Mr Dao,
We had a fabulous time at Halong on the Huong Hai Junks. It is terrible reading about the flooding in our beloved Hoi An and to think that we were there only last week!  Trust you can account for all your friends and colleagues that may have been down in that area.  Did you have to cancel cruises out on Halong?
Our cruise was fabulous, the crew were terrific, the boat was in immaculate condition, the food fantastic, the deck chairs on the top deck were a nice addition.  The actual route was great  interesting although disappointing that all cruises obviously follow the same route as the big cave was absolutely seething with people.  Is it possible to time that visit when there is less cruise boats at the same time?  We love the stop where we moared for the night. Our boys loved the kayaking!
Best wishes with your business and I’ll certainly spread the word in Australia about your company.  My brother in law and family are heading to Vietnam at Christmas but I’m not sure what their plan was!

Ms. Kyoko Ito

Cruise date: Sep 17th, 2009

Hi Dao,
Thank you for your email.

I and my sister enjoyed trip on your Cruise Ship. Staff and tour guide were very nice and we satisfied their service very much.

I am so happy because I and my sister could have wonderful experience and unforgettable memories during that trip.
In future, I love to get back on Huong Hai Junks again. I and my family will still live in Saigon for years so I will have opportunity to back to Vinh Ha Long.
Thank you for your excellent service and see you again!!

Ms. Linda Kuijper & Mr. Florian Plooy

Cruise date: 17 Sep, 2009

Dear Mr Dao Tuan Hung,
Thank you for asking. We now just arrived in Hoi An and had a wonderful time in Sapa and surrounding villages. What a great nature!
We enjoyed the Halong Bay tour very much. The staff and guides were very friendly and helpfull. The service was excellent as well as the food!
A wonderful presentation of the food and great quality. Couldn't be better, we enjoyed every meal!
When we will come back to Halong Bay in future or friends or family will come we will book with your company and recommend Hung Hai to others!
We are already doing this now to other tourists we are meeting/met during our trip.

Thank you for your great service and help!
Best regards,
Linda & Florian

Ms. Saviya Rodrodrauns.

Cruise date: 13 Feb 2009

Everything is 5 star in this 3 star junk. Great trip & Excellent staff!

Mr. Patrick Avice

Cruise date: 14 Feb 2009

Everything done with very good taste. I want to come back and stay longer.

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