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Ms. Cindy Nguyen & Shanjong Jenkins

Cruise date: 21 June 2009

Cabin & facilities are very clean. Tour guide is very nice and information. Beautiful food arrangements. Great time in Halong.  

Ms. Alice Klein

Cruise date: 28 June 2009

Captain & Crew very friendly, helpful, providing great services. Enjoyed everything. Had a great stay.

Ms. Mary Witboo

Cruise date: 29 June 2009
The crew and captain are polite and helpful. The guide is excellent and knowledgeable. Food is delicious and beautiful.

Ms. Diana Reeman & Mr. Mortensen

Cruise date: 30 June 2009
Tour guide is very caring, doing his best to make a good trip.

Ms. Annika Mayer & Mr. Markus Haies

Cruise date: 30 June 2009
Excellent and relaxed atmosphere. Very enjoyable.

Ms. Cuc Doan

Cruise date: 01 July, 2009
We would recommend this boat to our friends. We congratulate you on your excellent service and food. Thank you

Mr. Michael Bradley & Ms. Kylie Dalton (New Zealand)

Cruise date: 21 July 21, 2009
We have never experience of this kind of cruises. This experience was beyond our imaginations. Everything was wonderful, such as seascape, Huong Hai Junks and your good hospitality. We are going to tell to all our friends about Halong’s event. We wish we would visit here again. Thank you for let us having beautiful time.

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